Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CoD Black Ops 32-4 In Array

Here's a gameplay In array and I get 32-4. Sorry for not posting anything, but I've been sick and couldn't do It.
Enjoy the video. Once again sorry

I'm going to play with Famas tomorrow and I also bought the new map pack First strike. I will show you the maps and my toughts about It.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cobat training!

Why and what is it?

Combat Training is great if you want to be a little bit more skiller in CoD try it out and let me know what you think.

In Combat Training on Black Ops you set off against an artificial team with your own artificial teammates or friends you bring in to Combat Training. It is completely separate from multiplayer but acts just like Multiplayer to help give you a leg up when jumping into the fire.

Want to test out a new loadout or new strategy, combat training is the perfect spot to see how you like the feel for the loadout you created. Fully test the gun against the AI in combat training before tanking your K/D ration in a live match.

Black Ops Combat Training is perfect for newer players as well to get used to how multiplayer works and familiarize themselves with the maps or for older players to go over a strategy on certain maps.

This is a great feature set that comes loaded with Black Ops making the user experience even that much better!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

CoD Black Ops 30-5 In Launch

In this game I used the AK-47 with suppressor attachment. I will explain what every single perk Is made for and how to get the Pro perks as well, I will do It next week. I'm going to show you some wager matches with my friend. Now when the new map pack has come out I will also do some videos of It too. I haven't bought It yet. As you can see In the video the quality Isn't that good and I might buy a good capture card If you guys want better graphics. 

In my AK-47 class 
I used: AK-47 with suppressor attachment.
Ghost, sleight of hand Pro and ninja. I'm going to get pro on ghost and ninja soon.
Secondary weapon: Python with quick reloader.
I had claymore, Semtex grenade and concussion grenade.

Thanks for watching new video tomorrow!
Please comment what you think!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My first post :)

Hello, this Is my first blog and It will be about CoD. I will show you when I play and just teach you the basic things. Right now I'm playing CoD Black ops and going to buy Modern warfare 3 when It comes out of course and do the same that I'm going to do with Black ops. Teach you! I really hope that you all will teach something of my vidoes and get better at CoD. Please leave a comment about your thoughts.            Thanks!

My system: PlayStation 3
PlayStation@network: Mathiaz_3
KD: 2.11
Level: 50